ZOZI Launches “12 Days of Adventure” Giveaway

‘Twas the weeks before Holidays,

and on the West Coast,

the ZOZI team was stirring,

egg-nog ready to toast.

The stockings were full,

packed with adventurous gifts,

high-hopes that St Nicholas

wouldn’t notice them amiss.

On the first day of 12 Days of Adventures, your friends at ZOZI gave to you, no, not a partridge or a pear-tree, but a chance to enter to win a trip from Intrepid Travel that will have you exploring an incredible part of the world through the eyes of our ZOZI Gurus.

On the second day, we left the turtle doves in peace and gave you another amazing adventure location. You even have the choice of entering in Day 1 instead, if Day 2 wasn’t your cup of tea.

Day 3, we decided the French Hens should remain in France and opened yet another getaway contest, or gave you the option of entering Day 1 or 2 again, with more chances to win your chosen adventure!

Day 4.. well, we think you get the gist. All the way up to Day 12 when the last mind-blowing adventure will be announced!

Why, you ask? Because we at ZOZI may well be descended from Elves. Or Santa. Or someone/thing equally as generous. We love adventure, we love travel, and we love to give. So enter the 12 Days of Adventure Giveaway, presented by Kyocera, and you could win your ultimate adventure getaway!

Each day represents one of our adrenaline-junkie, inspirational Gurus; from kite-boarder Susi Mai to culinary genius Michael Mina, snowboarder Travis Rice to big wave surfer Maya Gabeira. You’ll find out about a new getaway everyday, which Guru tips you’ll receive, and why that location was chosen..

Happy Holidays ZOZI adventurers!

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Last minute Halloween help from the ghouls at ZOZI!

There’s three ways this could go:

  • The super-gory – you’re probably going home alone type costume.
  • The borderline inappropriate costume.
  • The aspirational and relevant, but not particularly scary costume.

The latter has always been ZOZI’s favorite, as we like to inspire and influence, and what better way to do that yourself than to be your favorite ZOZI Guru for Halloween! Blood and zombie makeup optional.

Here’s your guide to making it happen:

Bear Grylls – Survivalist – This is one of the easiest. Try channelling Steve Irwin, but with more pocket knives, compasses and flashlights. Wear your best outdoors gear, carry a huge backpack and rub mud all over your face. You’ll stay warm, be ready for anything, and you’ll sure as heck “Get Out Alive”!

chris lietoChris Lieto – Ironman – A fun one for the fitness freaks, or those who love a bit of cheeky lycra. Whether you rock a Spandex one-piece with a state of the art helmet, or a super tight wetsuit, you’ll be in the spotlight all night. Bonus: You can eat as many Powerbars as you like!

Dean Karnazes – Ultramarathoner – Bonus! Get double, or triple the amount of candy as everyone else, as you’ll be running between each house. Dress in a Greek Toga and running shoes to show off Dean’s Greek heritage.




Eric Orton – Elite Level Run Coach – You’ll be coaching everyone through their Halloween paces, so be ready with your running shoes, CamelBak and yelling voice. You’ll be the most inspiring guy out there, so stay warm by running in spot and keeping an eye on everyone’s progress.

Jimmy Chin – Action Sports Photographer and Skier – An epic action sports and outdoor photographer, you’ll need to have an awesome camera set up, or at the very least, a flashy disposable camera. Wear your warm North Face down jacket and snap away at every opportunity, especially action shots of those trying to climb or jump off things.


jimmy spittleJimmy Spithill - Sailing (Team USA) – The biggest comeback in sports history! Hold your head proud, as the man who made it happen! Get your Red Bull helmet and your Team USA jacket, and start spraying that champagne!

Jonny Moseley - Freestyle Skier – The man who championed the Dinner Roll and made Olympic history, Moseley is most recognizable in his 80’s style ski head-band and Team USA uniform. However, you can have fun with this one and go as Jonny in Dancing With The Stars.. A little pleather never hurt anyone.

Maya Gabeira - Surfer – A perfect one for the warmer climes. Grab your favorite bikini, a surfboard, and challenge the boys to a surf-off. They’ve got no chance.

Michael Mina – Chef – An ideal one for the resident foodie. Chef’s whites can cover any kind of sin (four pairs of thermals, or 4 large candy bars) and everyone loves the personable nature of Mr. Mina. Whipping up tasty snacks in the kitchen, you’ll be a winning character at the staff Halloween party!



mireya mayor

Mireya Mayor – Anthropologist – Think female Bear Grylls combined with Steve Irwin, with a few more lemurs thrown in. Wear your best khakis, hiking boots and a long blonde wig and you’re (physically) halfway to portraying the vivacious Mireya Mayor! Thrown in stuffed animals, hand out candy-coated insect treats, and you’ll be the talk of the town.



Steph Davis - BASE jumper and Climber – An incredibly strong and inspiring woman, Steph can climb anything you put in front of her, and then some. Get our your prAna gear, add in a harness and some ropes, and you can try to emulate some of the zen-like strength that Steph is known for.  susi mai


Susi Mai – Kiteboarder – She’s a gorgeous, an extreme kite-boarder and she’s friends with Richard Branson! What’s not to love? Get out your hawaiian print shorts, a Roxy rashguard, and have one heck of a good time pretending you’re on Necker Island drinking Mai Tai’s!


tao bermanTao Berman - Kayaker -This guy really knows how to send it. Wetsuit and lifejacket mandatory, non-stop smile negotiable.. Especially when you’re dropping 80ft whirlpool infested waterfalls!

Travis Rice – Snowboarder – Perfect for the cooler climes, get out your Quiksilver snow gear, slap on a Red Bull helmet, and GoPro your entire evening for one awesome edit to show your friends. Make sure to watch Art of Flight before venturing out as Travis. Those in the know are avid fans and will be sure to ask you all sorts of incredible snowboarding questions!

All in all, have fun dressing as your favorite ZOZI Guru, the moral of the story, Get Out There and find an adventure this Halloween!

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ZOZI Guru Eric Orton VIP Training Session, Book Signing & Talk in San Francisco

Eric Orton is a force to be reckoned with. As author of amazing new run-training book “The Cool Impossible” and the featured running coach in Chris McDougall’s bestseller “Born To Run,” Eric has achieved phenomenal fame and respect in the running world through his personable and no-nonsense approach to run coaching.

A ZOZI Guru since January 2012, Eric describes ZOZI as “an attitude and approach to living life to the fullest.” He says that he feels “the same about my coaching and way of life.  We (ZOZI) both use adventure as a tool to get more people outside and active.”

Eric also finds inspiration in a number of aspects of his personal life, citing his family as his main source; “My parents gave me unconditional love and never asked ‘why’ which allowed me to follow my own path.  My wife has giving me the greatest gift, the support to follow my passion when it doesn’t always make sense. And now my 7 year old daughter, who keeps it real, and is teaching me how to climb!”

This support was imperative when Eric chose to leave the corporate world in the mid-1990’s to pursue his love for athletic endeavors. He became Director of Fitness at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and subsequently started his own online coaching business: “which I have now been coaching and operating full time for 11 years – coaching runners, triathletes, cyclists, mountaineers.”

Living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Eric is constantly in awe of the spectacular environment and the fantastic life that he’s been able to build for himself, stating that; “when you follow your passion and embrace fear, crazy great things happen. I get to be like a kid everyday, running on the trails and helping others to do the same.” But don’t be fooled by his excitement and seemingly ‘easy’ lifestyle, as Eric is a fervent achiever and is always looking for the next opportunity. “I have a lot of irons in the fire that all lead back to helping runners and my “Cool Impossible” goal of global running – one runner per household,” he said.  “Huge goal, but that is the point.  I am still coaching runners all round the World and am also focused on continuing to build my global running website: The Cool Impossible.”

On top of his writing endeavors, Eric is also involved with a new shoe company called B2R, a company that aims to provide runners with proper training shoes and equipment. Add in the “few digital/TV media projects and adventure run traveling” experiences, which are designed to continue to promote global running, plus the distribution of “The Cool Impossible” to 13 countries, where he will be promoting the book’s message in the form of clinics, speaking engagements, and run events, and you have one busy man!

Eric’s focus for “The Cool Impossible” is to “challenge the reader to think big and beyond what they think they are capable with their running,” he said, and we can safely say that he’s not only achieved it, but superseded that goal.

To celebrate his incredible dedication to helping others strive, achieve and improve, we at ZOZI are proud to offer a 10 person only VIP training session and meet’n’greet and a public book signing and talk at Sports Basement, Presidio in San Francisco on Wednesday November 6th.

To enter to win a spot on the training session please email ericorton@zozi.com by November 1st with “VIP Training Session with Eric Orton” in the subject line.

To attend the ‘open to the public’ book signing and talk, where his book “The Cool Impossible” will be available for purchase at the event, please RSVP HERE.

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Team ZOZI Gets an Insider’s Look at the America’s Cup Race & Win the Ultimate America’s Cup Adventure

Team ZOZI took a recent field trip to visit Oracle Team USA’s headquarters to meet our newest ZOZI Guru, Oracle Team USA’s captain Jimmy Spithill, tour the facilities and experience once-in-a lifetime access to one of the most regaled sports around the world: sailing

A race older than the modern Olympics, the America’s Cup began in 1851 when a schooner named ‘America’ soared past British sailboats racing in Northern England. Queen Victoria was in attendance at the race and “asked one of her attendants to tell her who was in second place.”Your Majesty, there is no second,” came the reply. That phrase, just four words, is still the best description of the America’s Cup, and how it represents the singular pursuit of excellence.

The magnificent 90ft US-17 – winner of the 33rd America’s Cup in 2010 sits out front. Elevated on a huge platform, the sailboat receives a thorough scrub-down from Oracle Team USA crewmembers. This isn’t even the boat that will be racing in the 34th America’s Cup this month, but it’s obvious that each boat is treated like a thoroughbred racehorse.

As we walk into a huge hangar that’s normally closed to the public and monitored by security at all times, the immense amount of work, details and preparation for the America’s Cup become obvious.

Marketing member Lloyd, an energetic Kiwi with a Team USA heart shows us around the ‘secret enclave’ – an airline hangar that houses all the necessities for Team USA. The facility boasts a top of the line gym where Spithill and crewmembers work out to get into tip top physical condition for the races, cafe and lounge, showers, and restrooms. We see sails longer than a Boeing 737, cranes and construction materials throughout the hangar, and a crew of over 125, in addition to former engineers from Boeing, Nascar, and Ferrari bustle around the complex.

We exit the building, entering onto the pier and watch as the 72ft Oracle boat, an engineering marvel, is lowered into water for the day’s 3-4 hour training session. We watched the team, ranging in ages from 22 to 45,  decked out for their training session; dawning microphones, oxygen tanks, life-jackets, wetsuits and Red Bull-sponsored helmets prepare to set sail for the day.

Spithill casually strikes up a conversation with ZOZI team members about his passion for sailing in San Francisco Bay, and the team’s next moves to the World Tour post America’s Cup. His spirited but professional demeanor is what made him an ideal choice as a ZOZI Guru.

The crew snaps into action and we watch the awe-inspiring vessel get towed out to the bay by a tugboat. This historic sport is one that everyone can enjoy, whether it’s learning to sail, or watching the boats soar past during the America’s Cup.

Be sure to head to the Pier’s at San Francisco Bay before September 23rd to soak in some of the sailing action yourself!


  • 3 nights in a hip San Francisco hotel (from Hotel Tonight) 
  • Sailing on an America’s Cup boat with Jimmy Spithill, Oracle Team USA Skipper and ZOZI Guru
  • An incredible dinner at Charles Phan’s Slanted Door and cocktails at Hard Water (an experience curated by Liquor.com)
  • Take an exclusive tour of the Oracle Team USA hangar

Follow Us On Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/heyzozi

Tweet With Us; @ZOZI

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Outside Magazine Names ZOZI as One of America’s Best Places to Work in 2013

Leading active lifestyle brand connecting consumers with local experiences, getaways and gear, wins award third year in a row

SAN FRANCISCO, AUGUST 1, 2013 – ZOZI today was named to Outside Magazine’s sixth annual “Best Places to Work” list. ZOZI was ranked No. 52 out of 100 selected companies. The full list of the top-ten-performing small, medium, and large companies will be published online on August 1 at: OutsideOnline.com/bestplacestowork

Outside’s “Best Places to Work” project celebrates the innovative companies setting a new standard for a healthy work-life balance. The list was compiled with the help of the Outdoor Industry Association and Best Companies Group. The yearlong selection process began with an outreach effort that identified a wide range of non-profit and for-profit organizations with at least 15 employees working in an office in the United States. Participating companies were sent confidential employee-satisfaction surveys and employer-questionnaires to collect information about benefits, compensation, policies, job satisfaction, environmental initiatives, and community outreach programs. The experts at the Best Companies Group then analyzed the results and selected the companies that best enable employees to pursue active lifestyles while also supporting their social and environmental contributions.

This year’s “Best Places To Work” list will highlight not only the Top 100 companies, but will also spotlight those on the list that offer the best perks, including “Fitness-Friendly” companies, those with the best “Flex Time” policies, the “Best Travel Perks,” and those with the “Best Office Culture.”

“For the last five years, my team has poured every ounce of their passion, creativity, and dedication into creating an active lifestyle platform that we believe has the power the make a difference in the lives of our customers,” said TJ Sassani, CEO, founder, ZOZI.  “This award is especially meaningful because it’s the result of honest and confidential feedback from our team. We spend a lot of energy making ZOZI a great place to work because we know that building an inspiring culture goes hand in hand with building one of the world’s best active lifestyle companies. We’re incredibly grateful to be recognized by our team and named to this prestigious list for the third year in a row; and it’s also a great honor to be named alongside other iconic brands, such as Patagonia, who share our ethos.”

“We’re proud to publicize the efforts of these 100 companies,” said Outside editor Christopher Keyes.” They each show a real commitment to creating active, healthy work environments and put a premium on innovative benefits. Year after year, Outside’s Best Places to Work program demonstrates that America’s most successful companies are the ones that consistently promote true work-life balance for their employees.”

ZOZI’s active lifestyle platform is designed with three pillars in mind: inspiration, commerce, and technology.  The ZOZI Guru® team (the inspiration component) is made up of 13 activity category leading celebrities led by global phenomenon Bear Grylls, host of NBC’s new summer hit show: “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.” The ZOZI Gurus inspire people to Get Out There™ and connect with ZOZI’s local experiences, getaways, and gear (the commerce component).  Details on the technology component will be announced shortly.


ZOZI: Tian Lee / tian.lee@zozi.com / 323.605.9160

OUTSIDE MAGAZINE:  Jada Williams/ Jada@giantnoise.com / 646.649.4933


About ZOZI®

ZOZI inspires people to live active lifestyles by connecting them with local experiences, getaways, and the gear they need to Get Out There™. On ZOZI, you can discover and book unforgettable experiences that are around the corner or around the world and find the Gear you need for your next adventure. Each experience featured on the site is curated by a team of in-house experts; such as full-moon kayaking, vineyard touring by bike, surfing and relaxing in a private coastal villa, or even once in a lifetime experiences with category leading celebrities, (ZOZI Gurus®) such as snowboarding the Jackson Hole backcountry with three-time X-Games Gold Medalist and Creator of Art of Flight, Travis Rice. The ZOZI Guru® team are 13 category leading celebrities led by global phenomenon Bear Grylls, host of NBC’s new summer hit show: “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.” ZOZI makes it easy to discover experiences in dozens of cities across the US and Canada or book getaways across all seven continents.  ZOZI is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City and Vancouver, Canada. For more information, visit: http://www.zozi.com/info

About Outside

Outside is America¹s leading active lifestyle brand. For more than 30 years,Outside has covered travel, sports, adventure, health, and fitness, as well as the personalities, the environment, and the style and culture of the world Outside. The Outside family includes Outside magazine, the only magazine to win three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence, The OutsideBuyer’s Guides, Outside Online, Outside Television, Outside Events, Outside+ tablet edition, and Outside Books. Visit us online and on Facebook.


Best Companies Group works with national and local partners around the country to establish and manage “Best Places to Work,” “Best Companies,” and “Best Employers” programs on a national, statewide, and regional basis. Through its thorough workplace assessment, utilizing employer questionnaires and employee-satisfaction surveys, BCG identifies and recognizes companies who have been successful in creating and maintaining workplace excellence.


Founded in 1989, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the premier trade association for companies in the active outdoor recreation business. OIA provides trade services for over 4000 manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, sales representatives and retailers in the outdoor industry. Outdoor Industry Association seeks to ensure a healthy and diverse specialty retail and supply chain based on quality, innovation and service. To this end, OIA works diligently to raise the standards of the industry; increase participation in outdoor recreation to strengthen business markets; provide support services to improve member profitability; represent member interests in the legislative/regulatory process; promote professional training and education; support innovation; and offer cost-saving member benefits. Search for outdoor-industry jobs is at OIA’s career center:www.outdoorindustry.org.


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ZOZI Offers Exclusive Flying Squirrel-Guided Wingsuit Class, Announces New Global Product Line Featuring Animal-Led Tours

Leading active lifestyle brand connecting consumers with local experiences, getaways, and gear partners with several top tour operators and the animal kingdom to launch new series of inspiring eco-friendly, animal-guided experiences.

Monday, April 1st, 2013 – For Immediate Release
For more info: http://www.zozi.com 

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – ZOZI, the leading active lifestyle brand, today launched a flying squirrel-guided wingsuit flying class, the first of a series of animal-guided experiences aimed to connect the company’s adventurous spirit with the worldwide animal community.
To view: http://www.zozi.com/experiences/5068

“2012 was an amazing year for ZOZI. In addition to growing our business substantially and launching our celebrity Guru team, we also expanded beyond our local experiences offering with two new products – getaways and gear,” said TJ Sassani, CEO, ZOZI. “While thinking of how we continue to drive our innovative culture, it became clear that launching the first ever tour product featuring real animals, often times as the trained guides, was the answer. Today we begin with one flying squirrel-led wingsuit class and by Q3-2013, we’ll announce dozens more animal-led tours both land and sea based. We’ve never been more sure of anything – our research indicates that the market really, really wants this.”

“ZOZI is in advanced discussions with several top zoos nationwide as well as popular marine life centers. Fifty-percent of all profits from this experience will go toward the Squirrel Dreams Foundation, which is aimed at helping domesticated squirrels deal with the pressures of performing in their non-native habitats and integrate into society.”

“We believe that animal-guided experiences are the future of the booming $60B+ global activity and tours market,” said the TJ Sassani, CEO, ZOZI. “We’re about to make a major funding announcement and we plan to use half of these new funds to scale this innovative new offering.”

Experience Highlights:

* Get to where the wild things are on an all-inclusive wingsuit class from the master himself, the Flying Squirrel.
* Go from scared senseless to casual grace in leaping from freaking high objects.
* Learn the perfect way to descend from altitude, depart rooftop parties, and catch unsuspecting insects.
* Rabies shot recommended.
* Cost: $50 (or stay safe and simply toss the guide nut for $25).

About ZOZI 

ZOZI is the most trusted brand in experience and lives at the intersection of inspiration, commerce and technology. On ZOZI, you can discover and book unforgettable experiences that are around the corner, or around the world and find the Gear needed to Get Out There™. Each experience featured on the site is curated by a team of in-house experts; such as full-moon kayaking, wine tasting and vineyard touring by bike, surfing and relaxing in a private coastal villa, snowboarding the Jackson Hole backcountry with 3-time X-Games Gold Medalist and Creator of Art of Flight, Travis Rice, and more. ZOZI’s local experiences are live in 21 cities in the US and Canada and offers getaways to dozens of countries. ZOZI is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit http://www.zozi.com. APRIL FOOLS.

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Why We Do What We Do

Every once in awhile, we get an amazing story in our inbox from people who have opened up themselves to new experiences through ZOZI. The last time this happened, we helped a young couple plan the world’s first wedding by jetpack. This past week, we got an inspiring note from John & Karen Wright telling us about a recent cycling expedition they took with their family across Northern Thailand that they booked through ZOZI. We wanted to share it as it reminds us quiet clearly, why we do what we do. Thank you to the Wright family for sharing your story with us!

Dear Zozi, 

Just wanted to let you know we just returned from our 17 day trip to Thailand. The first week we spent biking in Northern Thailand with Team Peddlers – Package purchased through Zozi. We had the most amazing experience of our lives, especially on that first week. The guides, the mountains, people, food, mystical mountain bungalow resorts…… I just can’t say enough about what this has meant to our family of four. The biking wasn’t easy but it taught us a lot about what kind of “stuff” we’re made of. Many thank yous for introducing this idea to us through your web site. We also enjoyed wearing the T-shirts you sent us! I will attach a couple photos! 

Thank you,
John & Karen Wright

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Steph’s Gift Ideas For The Minimalist

Steph Davis spends an overwhelming majority of her time scaling rock walls and base jumping from daunting cliffs. Both pursuits have taught her the art of traveling only with what she needs and nothing more. She extends this way of living from her time spent in the outdoors to her time spent at home and recently shared her favorite gift ideas with us for living a purposeful, minimalist, life.

1.  Evolv Cruzer Shoes  
Vegan, light, comfortable and good for both outdoor and urban activities. 

2.  MSR Microrocket Stove  
All-time best stove ever! It’s the lightest, smallest one you can get, and it even has a sparker.

3.  prAna Lucia Sweater 
This is warm, cozy and looks good on everyone. I usually live in this all winter.

4.  Metolius Mastercams (sizes 00-2) 
These cams are the best small cams, in my opinion.  I love them!  Above size 2, I like the Powercams or Fatcams.

5.  prAna Wrap Satchel  
Minimalism does not seem to apply to bags!

6.  Stemless Wine Glasses  
I really like stemless wine glasses, and they have a short life span when you have tile floors.

7.  Mammut Moses Carabiners 
These are so light that I have them on my whole rack.

8.  Garden Gloves
I really can’t have enough garden gloves – for belaying or gardening.

Be sure to visit http://www.zozi.com/gifts for ways to get yourself and your loved ones outside this Holiday season!


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What An ESPY Award Winner Wants This Holiday

When you hear accolades like “ESPY Award-winner” and “Billabong XXL five-time champ”, it’s only human nature to wonder what a person like that could want for the holidays. Is it an eight bedroom house along the shoreline? A helicopter for checking out conditions five towns away? Nope. Come to find out, ZOZI Guru and big wave champ, Maya Gabeira, just wants to keep getting out there and doing what she loves, both in the water and in the outdoors. This is what the ZOZI life is all about!

1.  10’6’’ Gun-Shaped Surfboard by Tokoro

I’d love a big board for Jaws. It’s shaped by my favorite shaper, Wade Tokoro. I’ve been riding his boards for 8 years now.

2.  Paddling a Perfect Day at Jaws  

Photo courtesy of Bruno Lemos

This is one of the best and most challenging big wave spots, and it’s rare to get it when it’s perfect and glassy. Maui has strong wind conditions, so for Jaws to break with big but glassy waves, all of the elements have to come together perfectly.

3.  GoPro Hero 3  

For shooting while surfing and diving.  I want to play around with angles while surfing and shoot some amazing stuff while diving.

4.  A Trip Down Under 

I will be spending Christmas in Melbourne, Australia. I am so excited because it will be my first time visiting my boyfriend’s hometown and getting to know his family more. I can’t wait to eat some of the local food and experience the city. I look forward to having a kebab and maybe some TimTam cookies. And, hopefully I get to see some kangaroos.

5.  Specialized Crossroad Bike 


I’d love a Specialized Crossroad bicycle to go up Pikok Flat, a mountain in Mokuleia on Oahu. I get to see the north and west sides of the island from up there. It literally takes an hour and fifteen minutes to go up and only ten minutes to get back down. It’s the hardest workout I have done on a bike!

Visit  http://www.zozi.com/gifts to discover new ways of getting out there this Holiday season!

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Michael’s Must See Holiday Wish List

As would be expected, someone who understands the richness of flavors understands the richness of a GET OUT THERE life. We asked celebrity chef and ZOZI Guru, Michael Mina, what was on his wish list for this Holiday season and what we got back was a menu chalked full of GET OUT THEREs so inspiring that everyone at ZOZI is now rewriting our own lists! Here’s what he had to share:

1.  Snowmobiling in Jackson Hole  
We’re opening a new pub at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole this winter, called Handle Bar, and I love spending time outdoors with my two boys and my wife Diane.

2.  Trip to Morocco 
I would love to get an authentic tour of the country with someone who really knows the culture, and my friend, Mourad Lahlou, is just the person to experience Morocco with. He lived in Morocco until the age of 17 and is the owner and head chef at Aziza in San Francisco.

3.  Hops for My Garden  
I’m trying to talk my wife into letting me grow hops in our garden because I’m really interested in making beer.

4.  Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans  
Taking my two boys, Sammy and Anthony, to the Super Bowl would be incredible. I’m a die-hard 49er’s fan, and I think they’re going to make it. New Orleans is such an amazing city to visit with incredible food and culture.

5.  Soft-Serve Ice Cream & Juicer Machine
I love entertaining and this is great for parties, because it’s totally unexpected.  You can also use it to make amazing juices and frozen margaritas. Who doesn’t love that?

Add some spice to your life this Holiday by visiting http://www.zozi.com/gifts


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