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We’re in the business of inspiring people to live life to the fullest. Maybe you’re a novice outdoorsman (or woman) and looking to learn new mountaineering skills, or #59 on your bucket list: “hang-gliding to a beach picnic” hasn’t been crossed off yet. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to make that fantastic Thai curry dish, but just need that little nudge to get started.

We believe that there is beauty in opening yourself to new frontiers – no matter what it is – and we’re here to help you take that first step.

It all started with a dive boat, a school of bull sharks, and a banana tree.

Back in 2006, CEO and founder, TJ Sassani found himself on a plane en route to Boston for a work trip. Across the aisle, he saw a man in a suit nearing retirement age. As he watched the passenger stuff his bag into the overhead bin, he realized he had the exact same bag. The man pulled out his copy of the Wall Street Journal, which TJ also had sitting on his lap. At this moment, he realized that he would be that guy in 30 years, so when the plane landed, he resigned from his job on the spot. He gave away nearly everything he owned to charity except his favorite books, a few items of clothing and road bike. He took off for Europe on a solo cycling expedition from Lisbon, Portugal, to Cinque Terre, Italy; armed only with a small backpack with cold weather gear for the Pyrenees, a compass, and looking forward to his next new adventure.

A few months later, still trekking around the world, he found himself diving in Australia on the S.S. Yongala shipwreck in the Coral Sea, where he jarringly encountered a school of bull sharks. He realized that not only was his fear of sharks mostly irrational, but that most peoples’ fears were as well. So few people feel empowered enough to get out and experience thrilling new things. Whether it’s learning to sail close to home, taking a weekend whitewater rafting trip, or searching for the world’s most mystical ancient lost ruins, he decided that he would set out to find a way for people to embrace all the rich experiences this world has to offer by making them more accessible to everyone.

On the dive boat following the shark encounter, TJ sketched out the initial ideas. He then spent two months under a banana tree in Byron Bay, Australia, writing the plan for the company that is now, zozi.

Today, his epiphany has been brought to life by an incredible team of professionals who have dedicated their lives to this vision. As a result, zozi now offers millions of people access to thousands of unique experiences in more than 25 cities, in two countries – and growing daily.

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